User-friendly digital negotiation platform
"By means of an advanced yet user-friendly digital negotiation platform, brings together buyers and sellers of vessels, invisible to the eyes of third parties, on an international scale. It works as follows: A private or business vendor advertises a yacht or ship on A potential buyer makes an invisible, provisional bid for the vessel online via the website or app. The seller is then able to accept the bid or reject it and in return make a counter offer. Once the seller accepts the bid, the relevant bidder is then introduced to the seller. At this point, the agreement remains provisional and non-binding and both parties have 60 days to inspect, survey and test. As the seller and the potential buyer start with a provisional price agreement, there are no unnecessary viewings or false expectations regarding the final sales price."

Make a private offer - All private offers will be considered
✔  Start a private negotiating process with a yacht /ship broker or private owner directly;
✔  A private negotiating process kicks off when the listing owner is interested in a prospective buyer’s private offer;
✔  The seller may accept this private offer or make a counter-offer;
✔  Reach a preliminary price agreement for luxury yachts, superyachts and commercial vessels the world over;
✔  Arrange a viewing, sea trial, engine run test or survey up to 60 days before purchase.


No risk, free of charge & free of engagement
✔  Prospective buyers are not obliged to buy. Listing owners are not obliged to sell;
✔  Negotiating privately is 100% free of charge for prospective buyers;
✔  Negotiating privately is 100% free of engagement for prospective buyers and listing owners;
✔  There is no limit to the number of private offers and counter-offers that can be made in your personal Vesselbay account.


When and how?
✔  Any invisible bid must be submitted to Vesselbay by the Monday of each week and will be submitted directly to the private or professional seller for approval. The seller may accept your invisible bid or make a counter-offer;
✔  Vesselbay will allow the listing owner access to the prospective buyer's contact details in order that they can negotiate and finalise a potential deal if they wish;
✔  Once a preliminary price agreement is reached, the listing owner and prospective buyer have 60 days to arrange a viewing, sea trial, engine run test or survey.


What does charge? 
Vesselbay offers BasicStandard & Premium monthly subscriptions for private negotiation advertisements (from € 7.99/month). If Vesselbay has introduced the actual buyer and a successful sale is the result 1% of the preliminary price agreement (exclusive of VAT) is charged. Cancel anytime and no hidden fees.

 No time wasted
At Vesselbay we connect people together in an efficient and fair process that ensures the best result for both sides of the equation. Because sellers and prospective buyers have already agreed on a preliminary bid, there are no unnecessary viewings or empty purchase price expectations.
Moreover, yachts & vessels can be viewed, tested and surveyed at any point in time before a purchase is made. As there is no obligation to purchase, buyers need not worry about hidden repair costs and unforeseen disappointments in the future.

"Vesselbay is a dynamic platform where prospective buyers and sellers negotiate privately. Once a preliminary price has been agreed, pleasure yachts of all sizes and commercial vessels can be viewed, tested and surveyed prior to any purchase"