Why Vesselbay.com? “Having experienced more than 22 years in yacht brokerage, the sale of used yachts and boats, online registrations for superyachts, boat advertisement websites, voluntary auctions and private sales, the changes in the used-boats market are becoming more and more evident. The specific requirements and expectations of both buyers and sellers of yachts and ships are evolving. In addition to the existing online and offline channels with static advertisements and sales information, there is now also a greater need for a international, interactive and discrete sales channel. That is what ultimately led to the development of Vesselbay.com, the alternative negotiating platform for yachts to find and connect with buyers worldwide.”

  • Professional sellers are looking for an international spotlight in order to excite as well as track down worldwide buyers;
  • There is now a greater need for an international, interactive and discrete sales channel;
  • Over 75,000 to 175,000 yacht and maritime industry recipients at our fingertips;
  • Over 3,000 buyer introductions since 1998;
  • More than 22 years online experience with central listing brokers and 4,000 boats, superyachts and vessels;
  • The combination of yachts with a discreet negotiation channel attracts potential buyers. It's that simple. This is why we created a user-friendly digital negotiation platform: Vesselbay.com listings put every yacht, superyacht or (commercial) vessel in the global spotlight immediately. 

"In the past month, I have sold a yacht through Vesselbay.com which I had been unable to find a buyer for through the regular channels. Vesselbay.com is set to enhance and enrich the market of used boats. In using the site we are increasing our potential sales market and therefore the sales opportunities considerably,”  - International yacht brokerage

"Our company is very much a fan of innovative digital marketeers like Vesselbay and we are definitely supporting new venture Vessel Bay.”  - International superyacht brokerage

  Buyer introduction services: Negotiate privately and in person with owners and brokers
Vesselbay is a dynamic platform where prospective buyers and sellers negotiate privately. Vesselbay makes it technically, legally and practically possible, from any location in the world, to reach a preliminary price agreement for boats, luxury yachts, superyachts and commercial vessels. Once a preliminary price has been agreed, pleasure yachts of all sizes and commercial vessels can be viewed, tested and surveyed prior to any purchase. We don’t compete with others – we use the power of connection.

  What does Vesselbay charge?
Vesselbay offers Basic, Standard & Premium monthly subscriptions for private negotiation advertisements. If Vesselbay has actually introduced the actual buyer and a successful sale is the result, 1% of the preliminary price agreement (exclusive of VAT) is charged. 
Register to list on Vesselbay today. Cancel anytime and no hidden fees.

 What sets Vesselbay apart is the way it allows buyers and sellers to negotiate a price for their listing in private:

  • A negotiating process only starts when a seller expresses an interest in any prospective buyer’s private offer. 
  • If the seller is interested in a private offer, Vesselbay will provide contact details.
  • After the private negotiation is concluded, a preliminary price agreement can be made. 
  • The listing owner and prospective buyer then have 60 days to arrange a viewing, sea trial, engine run test or survey.
  • Prospective buyers will never be obliged to buy. A listing owner will never be obliged to sell.
  • If both parties are happy, the deal is sealed. The only costs for the seller are a 1% commission to Vesselbay. 

 Introducing you prospective buyers

  • Over 3,000 buyer introductions since 1998;
  • Over 75,000 - 175,000 yacht and maritime industry recipients at our fingertips;
  • More than 22 years online experience (yachting portals, tender sales and yacht brokerages) with central listing brokers and 4,000 boats, superyachts and commercial vessels.

Reach a preliminary price agreement for boats, luxury yachts, superyachts and commercial vessels the world over
At Vesselbay we connect people together in an efficient and fair process that ensures the best result for both sides of the equation. Because sellers and prospective buyers have already agreed on a preliminary bid, there are no unnecessary viewings or empty purchase price expectations.​

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92’ Maiora

92’ Maiora


The 92’ Maiora ASHA has just gone thru a refit in 2018 while under new ownership. This beautiful luxury yacht is looking for a new owner as the current owner is going larger





Recent price reduction indicating the owner's desire to achieve a sale as soon as possible!

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